Friday, November 18, 2011

"We're Puttin' The 'Blew' Back In Blue Jays"

The Blue Jays have unveiled their new logo and uniforms and seem to think they possess some kind of mystical power that will suddenly make the team a perennial contender. Check out the video at this page. They talk about that bird like it's a living creature! I'm down with the 70s logo that they're using as inspiration, but I'm not sure it deserves such a dramatic piano score. Is that "Lick My Love Pump" I'm hearing? Anyway, good job changing the logo and getting some Canadian pride, guys. I'm just not sure it's the type of change the fans have been calling for.

The Miami (formerly Florida) Marlins' unveiling was a lot Those guys look like they got in a fight with a box o' crayons.

[Update: The Orioles are also bringing back an old bird friend in 2012! They've also trademarked the phrase "The Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball."]

the jays players sure bought into the hype or maybe it was required public service. romero, lawrie, and a bunch of others read right form script.
in milwaukee over the last three or four years, players have expressed frustration at always being comparred to 1982. The mystical power thing, as you say, is kind of far fetched, but building franchise continuity is kind of cool I think. Then again, as a Red Sox fan, did you get tired of hearing all the curse tale hype or did it make 2004 that much more sweet?
"Tired of it" would imply I once enjoyed it...

But yes curse hype was one of many thing that made 2004. Of course, the next day a certain newspaper and plenty of certain fans already "cursed" us again to 86 more years of doom! And then we won 3 years later.

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