Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video Of The 1916 World Series(!)

I was psyched to see a post on Joy of Sox about 1917 World Series footage--Giants against White Sox at the Polo Grounds. However, when looking at one of the clips (which are on the site Critical Past), I noticed a flash of text which read:

In the third Duffy Lewis, famed for breaking up World Series' games, drives a two-base hit sending Hoblitzel [sic] home with the first run; score 1-0

And I thought, "Duffy Lewis? Wait a minute...." After doing a little research, sure enough, this footage was from one of the World Series the Red Sox played in. 1916 vs. Brooklyn. The game shown is Game One, and it's at Braves Field, as the Red Sox played their home World Series games there that season. You can see the Lewis double in question shot from right field, and then it cuts to other action shot from right field. I have to do further research to figure out what's going on in each play--it could be footage from multiple games (which means Babe Ruth could be in it if Game Two is shown).

The link to the video is here. You will notice the site claims it is from Chicago and is the 1917 World Series, but, again, that is wrong. It is the 1916 World Series in Boston. I have already sent in the correct information to them, so hopefully they update it soon. I also checked to see if any (other) footage of this World Series exists and I don't see any. So this could be huge, but either way, it's huge to me since I'd certainly never seen any before this. I just wish now they'd played that series at Fenway!

Credit goes to Joy of Sox for alerting me to the clips. Here is his original post, which highlights the 1917 WS clips. [And here's his updated post about the '16 clip.]

This is probably really weird but the thing that stands out to me is how much the fans are smoking. Good lord.
Yeah I keep thinking fires are breaking out...

So I'm furiously figuring out the plays--will have a new post up soon.
If we have a Fenway Park deadball WS clip, it would be either 1912 or 1918.
Red Sox played both 1915 and 1916 WS in Braves Field.
As far as that clip goes, the second angle, from LF, might be different game, but it's hard to tell. No guarantee the plays are consecutive either.
(nawwwwwwwwwww, that ain't racist!)
And, ironically enough, the Braves used Fenway for the 1914 WS.

So far I have determined that in the clip, it IS all the same game. As for consecutive...ness, well, they do go back and forth a little but the shadow of the roof goes nicely across the field so you can tell it's going roughly in order. My post is gonna be long because I'm describing each play but I think I have each play figured out.

And that sign was replaced by only a slightly less racist version that I believe lasted as long as that stadium did.

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