Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The State Of College Athletics

Let me get this straight:

The Big 12 has ten teams.
The Big Ten has twelve teams.
The Pac 10 became the Pac 12 accordingly, but the added teams are in states in the mountain time zone.
The Big East has just invited teams from Idaho, Texas, and Colorado to join them.
The Mountain-West has a team in Texas, and another in San Diego.
The South Eastern Conference's newest member will be from Texas.
The Mid-American has teams in New York state and Philadelphia.
The Sun Belt has a team in Kentucky and one in Denver which is moving to the Western Athletic Conference, which features a team from Louisiana.
And the Atlantic Coast Conference has teams from the notorious surfing meccas of Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

New rule: All conferences must change their name to one without a number or region. Conference USA is the only one with no chance of screwing up. Until Canada starts getting involved.


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