Saturday, November 12, 2011


Maybe tomorrow will be the day I write about how super pissed I am we don't have Jon Papelbon anymore. We'll see.

Pissed at who though? You get two draft picks, and avoid committing long term money to a position that is filled with inconsistency and brutal injuries. I'm not cheering that he's gone - he's clearly one of the few in the top tier, but I like that Cherington punted on this because the price and number of years were a trap.
Papelbon didn't want to stay in Boston. If he did, he would have told his agents to ask for a counter offer from the FO. He didn't. He got his pay day, which he himself has admitted that's all he wanted.

After the way the '11 club blew up, do you believe that what they need while rebuilding for '12 is a disloyal closer? FAs Ryan Madson and Heath Bell are still out there, and Madson's going to want to prove himself after what went down with Philly's FO. In house, we have Bard. Aceves could be the one who steps up. Maybe Jenks will come back from his injuries with something to prove. He was good in 2010.

All said, it's baseball, and baseball is a business. Pissed? That's a silly over reaction.

-- skb
"Pissed? That's a silly over reaction."

I'm "silly" because one of my favorite (and one of the best) players is gone? How the fuck could you say that to me?

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