Thursday, November 03, 2011


My friend Amber told me the child abuse story was on the Today Show this morning. I guess it did go officially mainstream, which was the hope. Nice job finally catching on, MSM.

Am I the only one who thinks the Yanks are gonna try and get Pujols? People seem to dismiss that pretty quick since they already have a first baseman. But ever since the A-Rod thing, I feel like nobody's off limits. They'd find a place for him.

Do you think the Red Sox would actually hire Dale Sveum as the manager even if he proves to be the absolute most qualified, knowing that basically every Red Sox fan cringes at the thought of his name?

Fourth short paragraph nobody gets to.

I have no idea what the Sox are going to do. I just don't know. Nothing would surprise me at this point.
When I think of Dale Sveum, I only think of this:

RADIO ANNOUNCER: Sveum's waving him home! Here comes the throw! (Voice dropping flat) He's out by forty feet.

Maybe Sveum could work at a local hardware store, and just attend a few games at Fenway as a fan if he likes the place so much.
My mom's comment:

"Wanted El Ignatius to know that I SAW on NESN what he heard on the
radio. I came to deal with the incompetent Dale Svuem by thinking of
him as Dale Sputum. Ergo, I felt sorry for someone who had such a
gross name."
Cherington may say that the Sox want a fresh take but I cannot see them hiring a manager with no prior experience. They want a winner and with this team at this point there's no learning curve. There's a darkhorse out there... maybe not Torre or Valentine but someone.

As for Pujols, sure the Yanks will chase him all day. If they can convince him to platoon 1B/3B/DH with A-Rod and Tex for a cool $200 million.... think of it.

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