Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NY Daily News Top Story

So weird. You know my thoughts on ol' Bobby. In fact I've cleverly hidden them in this screenshot.

The "so weird" refers to the fact that it's the top news in NY. Well, according to the DN.
I guess I'm a little slow in the brain, because it took me about five or six seconds to find your cleverly hidden thoughts on Bobby Valentine. And now I'm laughing quite hard.

Fortunately Carl Everett is no longer on the Sox, nor anywhere else in major league baseball.

I posted this on SoSH, but last Friday I went into Bobby V's restaurant in Stamford and saw him sitting and eating with Lee Mazzilli at the bar. It was fairly clear from the snippets of conversation that I was able to pick up that they were discussing the Sox' situation. When I left, I walked by them and asked Bobby "So when is your press conference at Fenway?". He gave me a funny look, then smiled and said "Ah, rumors". Left me convinced that he was the leading candidate, which of course was confirmed on Sunday. He's very ambitious, and always seems to be involved in multiple projects. I sense though that he feels like he still has something to prove in MLB, and Boston is his last best shot at achieving that.
ECI: You're welcome.

AJM: Heyyyy, how bot bringin' your inside info to me instead of SOSH, ha. Will have to talk more about Everett should V actually become manager.
You hadn't posted anything about Bobby V, and I knew that you're not a fan, so I didn't want to bring him up in case you were in Bobby Denial. I just hope he's not planning on making Mazzilli his bench coach. But it felt kinda surreal sitting there eating a sandwich while watching Bobby 20 feet away from me and realizing that he was likely the next manager of the Sox.
I just hope he's not planning on making Mazzilli his bench coach.


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