Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hail To The Chiefs

The Red Sox have had 45 managers. (Wikipedia's list shows 44--Cy Young's 1907 stint is left off of there. This list on also leaves out Young. I don't know if there's controversy over this or if somebody just effed up....) Bobby Valentine is the second born in my home state of Connecticut, though it is uncertain whether he is of Martian descent. The other was Jack Barry, player-manager in 1917, born in my dad's hometown of Meriden. The most common birthplaces for a Sox manager are California and Illinois, with five each. More than half came from the sextet of California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Two were born outside the United States (one in Nova Scotia, Canada, and one in Ireland).

Here are the birthplaces of all the skips:

California (5)
Illinois (5)

New York (4)
Ohio (4)

Pennsylvania (3)
Texas (3)

Alabama (2)
Connecticut (2)
Indiana (2)
Massachusetts (2)
New Jersey (2)
Oregon (2)

Nova Scotia
Rhode Island
South Dakota

That MLB page has 43. Do they count the guys that returned for a second stint twice? They were "new" managers the second time around, in the sense that the guy that was let go (or retired or whatever) became "old".

Also, they list 2004 and 2007 for Tito, but do not include the five other WS titles for the respective managers. Did a MFY fan fill that part out, thinking that 2004 was the team's first title?
The MLB one has 43 through Francona, wiki has 44 through Valentine. So those two are the same in that they both leave out Young. They aren't including the 3 repeaters. It's 48 total managerial stints if you include those.

I still wanna know how the official page could leave one out! (Young)

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