Saturday, November 26, 2011

August/September Outlooks Finally Reviewed

I never did finish checking up on my pre-2011 predictions. It had nothing to do with how the season ended--that's proven by the fact that I forgot to do August as well as September, and after August we were in first place. So here we go:

August: I went with 17-11. The actual was 17-12. Got four series exactly right. At that point I was still running 4.5 games better than the actual record, thanks to the shitty start to April. Then I wrote: "we shall see what September brings...." Of course, it brought a bunch of shit.

September: I went with 14-12. I gave them a mediocre September just to make the final record a little more believable. 14-12 was supposed to be fine, since it would still give us 102 wins. Instead they went 7-20. I started with a win against the Yanks. Wrong. Said we'd win 2 of 3 from Texas, we actually lost 2 of 3. I said we'd lose 3 of 4 in Toronto, which we did. Instead of winning 2 of 3 in Tampa, we were swept. We split two with Toronto, as I said. Then we lost 3 of 4 against Tampa--I had us splitting. Sweep the O's in the final home series? Ha. We lose 3 of 4. I actually nailed the last two series, as we lost 2 of 3 in both NY and Balty. I thought they'd be meaningless games. I was wrong. Needless to say my playoff predictions were all irrelevant.

One note of awesomeness: My predicted record from May through August was 71-38. The actual record was 72-37. So I nailed the middle chunk of the season, and like the Red Sox themselves, I was off in April and September.


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