Tuesday, November 01, 2011

'12 Action

I noticed this picture of the 1912 Red Sox in an issue of the NY Daily Times [correction: Beaver County Times]:

I thought it was pretty cool how there's a little girl in there with the team. She's referred to as "Miss Wood" in the caption, and therefore must be Virginia Wood, daughter of Smoky Joe, who she's right next to. I looked for other versions of this picture, and found a few more--not the exact shot, but others from different angles/moments. This one's from the Fenway100 site:

And this one's from the Library of Congress (note the slight differences):

In a perfect world, this will be the first in a series commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 1912 champs. In the real world, I'll probably just do this one and then completely forget about the idea.

I'll also have to post a pic of my Halloween costume--I can guarantee it was different from yours.

Interesting, the trainer is the only one with the team name on his shirt, poor McCarthy only gets the label of "mascot" in the middle picture and no Eddie Cicotte.
McCarthy by the way is Jerry McCarthy. See him with the Royal Rooters here.
I think I saw this photo in a book somewhere and the girl is identified as Joe Woods' sister. Smokey Joe was not married until 1913 and the girl in question seems to be about 7-10 years old. If she is 7 she would have been born in 1905 when Joe Wood was 16.
Good call. I just did some more research and I see she was said to be 4 years old when he retired in 1922, so that's definitely not her. I wonder why the sister is in the pic...
Okay, I just found out he had a sister named Zoe.

A posed photo of him and his sister, also from 1912.

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