Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scoreboard Through Game 4

Two games to two! That means we've got at least two more games for the contest, and a better possibility for a 7-game series, which is always fun. The Fox hand patrol was in force in the 9th tonight. Even when the whole crowd was either yelling, clapping, or waving towels, they'd always zoom in on the praying/hands-on-head/face fans. Even Buck tried to play up the drama by saying they were "anguished." It was 4 to nothing! Cheer and yell, and you won't get on TV. They'd rather invent drama than show you what's really going on.

Anyway, two new people got on the board tonight, with heybluu moving into a tie for fourth. Only five goose eggs left. With at least 2 more games left, you're all still in the hunt.

1: Ruben--RSN Alberta 1
2: Rich G 0
3: Section 36 0
4: Allan--Joy of Sox 3
5: Ryan 5
6: heybluu 3
7: redsoxfandave 1
8: Charlie 0
9: Mom 2

1: Brendan 1
2: Kara 0
3: Bosox Fan in Wichita 0
4: Liam, Summa Contra 6
5: Andy 3
6: tim 6
7: Patrick 3
8: Omnipotent Q 1
9: Amber 1

And I'm on the board!
Kara also joins the club.
Really, what moron uses the first pick on the half-inning where the AL pitchers probably bat.
Ha, good point.....

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