Thursday, October 06, 2011

Last 11 Years: Red Sox 2, Yanks 1

(If you've been paying attention to baseball for a lot longer than 10 years, you know how much that means.)

That Tigers squad was gutty tonight! Lots of chances for the Yanks, but their squibbers and walks just weren't enough tonight.

The comical-yet-offensive part of these Yankees postseason broadcasts is seeing the Yankee fans with their hands in the prayer position. As if they know what that feeling of true desperation is like. Wait till a team takes all their players, goes on to win 26 championships over the next 80-something years, and beats them in horrible ways along the way as they have their hearts broken repeatedly--then they'll know what it's like to have to invent new gods to have to pray to. But you know they'll put their hands in that same position the next time the Mets are in the playoffs and the Yanks aren't.

And the celebrities--Jimmy Fallon made a conscious choice to play a character who was the number one Red Sox fan, but then stands there rooting for the Yankees like his life depends on it? As if you needed proof of the phoniness, you know a person can't really feel that strongly about a team if you're flip-flopping between loyalties all the time.

Don't you love how Jeter ALMOST won the game? Speaking of him, I realized tonight that if I did want to document the egregious shots of him doing nothing next year, it would mean my blog would consist of about 15 videos each post. It's just not feasible. There was one really good one tonight--but then again, there were so many. I may add it to this post, but then I quit that job.

If my calx are correct, only two 97-or-more-win teams post-2003 haven't made it at least to the league championship series, until tonight. Terrible job by the Yanks. And Rays. They both lasted the amount of time the Red Sox would have (minimum), had we went limping into the playoffs.

Sleep well, everybody, I know I will.

Bonus: Okay, here's the final egrJetegious shot of the year. This is the 4th inning. Announcer talking about Swisher, and how he needs to do something in this spot. Camera cuts to--you know who.

Again, he wasn't doing anything, he'd done nothing recently, and the announcers were talking about someone else. Kim even suggested that on this one, he was actually sick of being shown, so he was trying to hide, actually not standing on the top step, but was still caught, among the legs of the players who were. I know that sometimes these networks show players' and fans' faces in dramatic moments. But this was a one (of many)-time(s) cut-to-Jeter cam deal. Usually when they would show something, it had some relevance. I'm convinced one guy has the job of staying trained on him so they can cut to him immediately in the case of....him doing more nothing.

I think the all-time best is a tie between every Yankee home run where they show him in the dugout while the guy who hit it is rounding the bases, as if he was the one who made it happen, and the 2009 World Series, when they actually had two screens going at once, one trained on Jeter's face in the field, and the other one showing, for those who preferred to watch it, the fucking World Series!

[Edit: Title of post fixed--11 years, not 10. I actually short-changed myself. Terrible.]

While watching the Tigers celebrate in the library quiet Yankee Stadium and imagining the long, cramped and lingering train rides back to the other boroughs (I doubt any Bronx resident can afford tickets) for the front-running faux fans, three thoughts popped into my mind:

1) The Tigers are the first team to celebrate in the new Stadium's visitor's clubhouse. It will hopefully smell like champagne all winter.

2) On Jeter's long out in the 8th, why didn't a fan try to pull a Jeffrey Maier and "help" the ball over the fence? It's happened before and MLB clearly doesn't think it's a big deal.

3) Giaradi changed his number to "28" after the '09 season, maybe the organization will change his to "86" for the coming year as a reminder of what will happen if they don't win.

No matter which AL team makes the Series, I love that Curtis Granderson might get to watch his former team celebrate without him while A-Rod's old club is clearly doing much better since he departed the Lone Star State.
A very Happy MFY Elimination Day (after) to you, Jere!

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