Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lackey: TJ

The good news: We won't have to see Lackey pitch in 2012.

The b.n.: It's because he's getting Tommy John surgery--therefore I assume there will be no need to try to get rid of the guy, which means we might have to see him on our team in 2013. Either way, a year without Lackey is a good thing so I'll take it.

One day and the Lackey problem- solved. Ben Cherington, ladies and gents. Hopefully, a good sign...
At least he'll be on the DL and not taking up a roster spot, and also not in the clubhouse.

Who will the Boston media demonize without him around though? Carl Crawford better start off hot...
Cherington didn't exactly inspire confidence when he said something to the effect that "we look forward to John Lackey pitching with us in 2013." Um... okay, I guess he has to say something like that.

I'll take your lead, Jere, and look at it as glass-half-full.

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