Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Five-Year Plan

The Yankees are on the same five-year path that the Red Sox started two years earlier. Check it out:

Red Sox
2005: lost round 1
2006: missed playoffs
2007: won World Series
2008: lost ALCS
2009: lost round 1

2007: lost round 1
2008: missed playoffs
2009: won World Series
2010: lost ALCS
2011: lost round 1

Let's hope they stay on that path and miss the playoffs the next two seasons.

Looks like some shit went down last night in Boston, as cops beat up protesters for no reason. Including medical people who were trying to help the injured!

And today in NYC, protesters are marching on the Upper East Side, going around to homes of various gazillionaire CEOs and stuff. So my plan really DID happen! My fantasy, now reality, from a year or two ago was to show up at mansions just to be visible to the ultra-rich. As of Sunday, we were proverbially standing at the door of the mansions; as of today, it's literal! I've had no luck finding the original e-mail I sent out to friends about this back then. I'm gonna ask them to see if they saved it.


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