Saturday, October 29, 2011

Final Scoreboard

Neither tim nor Liam scored, but nobody else caught them, so they're co-champions. (Champs: contact me.) I won't actually send out the ticket, I will tell you guys the number on it, and if you win, you'll each get 500,000 U.S. dollars. Uh...crap. I was just about to write "feel free to check my work," but instead decided to check it myself--and I made one mistake. And it was a crucial one. Tim didn't have 7, he only had 6. I made the mistake after that high-scoring game 3. It was the one mistake I made the whole series, and it happened to affect the outcome. Goddamn. Well, here's the deal. Liam should be the winner, but since I made this error I'm still gonna go ahead and call it a tie, knowing that since the odds of this ticket winning a million bucks is so slim, I'm sure Liam will be happy splitting it with tim. On the other hand, I feel bad for Ryan and Amber, who had 6 like tim, but get nothing since I didn't happen to eff up their scores like I did tim's. Okay, I've got it. If the ticket wins, 500,000 goes to Liam, 400,000 goes to tim, and 50,000 goes to Amber and Ryan. And it will be the same ratio should they win any of the 5,000 drawings that come before the New Year's Eve million-dollar drawing. We all happy?

1: Ruben--RSN Alberta 4
2: Rich G 1
3: Section 36 1
4: Allan--Joy of Sox 4
5: Ryan 6
6: heybluu 4
7: redsoxfandave 4
8: Charlie 2
9 (and extras): Mom 4

1: Brendan 5
2: Kara 2
3: Bosox Fan in Wichita 1
4: Liam, Summa Contra 7
5: Andy 5
6: tim 7 (but really 6 since I effed up the math)
7: Patrick 4
8: Omnipotent Q 2
9 (and extras): Amber 6

Also, congrats to the world champion Cardinals. Pretty crazy how they were down to their final strike in two separate innings. Thank you, Rangers, for making the '86 Red Sox not look AS bad.


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