Friday, October 28, 2011

Classic Me/Classic Them

So last night I noticed a funny moment during the WS game, where the umpire bent over, and at that moment, Fox put their World Series logo up. It appeared as if it came out of the guy's butt. Kim missed it, so I rewound, and showed it to her in slow motion, at which point she laughed hysterically for a solid minute. I YouTubed it, figuring I'd post it on my blog later that night or today, but didn't think of it again.

Just now, I got an email from a nice guy named Ricardo, who found my video, and told deadspin about it, specifically telling them to give me credit. At which point deadspin gave HIM the credit, and put up their OWN version of the clip.

Classic me in that the things I put hours of effort into go unnoticed, yet the offhanded things I do seem to be big hits.

Classic deadspin in that they tend to do things me no likey, which is why I stopped reading it years ago.

Well, they said that Game 6 will go down in the anals of baseball history...

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