Saturday, October 22, 2011

Attack Of The Hand-Facers Continues Tonight

Did you see it in game 2? Hand-facers? It's official now. Fox has instructed their camera people to only show close-ups of fans who have their hands on their faces. In the bottom of the ninth in game 2, eight fans were shown close-up. Seven of those had their hands on their faces. The eighth? That one was a zoom-in on...just hands! Which were not by the face--but that proves the hands are the key to getting on the air.

It was weird, the inning started and they weren't going to the dreaded fan shots. And I thought, "I bet they're looking for hand-facers! They can't show a fan unless the hands are visible!" Sure enough the first one they show was just putting her hand on her head, taking it off the cheek. Almost like they found one and then she thwarted their efforts by moving the hand and then they quickly cut away. But they found plenty more HFs as the inning went on. And this was after a particularly HF-ey bottom 8 and top 9.

Note: Don't give me the "it's cold" excuse. They're specifically looking for praying and clasped hands at the mouth. You can see people in the front rows behind the plate on every pitch, and none of them are so frozen that they must keep their hands constantly covering their cheeks. It's also weird that so many people would be doing this at times when what the team needs is for fans to be, you know, cheering for them, not looking on in silent drama like it's a golf tournament. That's why I think some of these people are either planted or are told to act that way. Think about it: Your team has won a World Series in the past few seasons, and more than any other team ever aside from the Yankees. It's game 2, you're up 1 game to 0, and up 1-0 with your own team batting in the bottom of the 8th. I don't know about you, but my reaction would involve happily clapping and yelling for my guys to tack on and cruise to another world championship. These Fake Fox Fans are sitting there like they're waiting to see if their husband made it out of the coal mine alive. It makes no sense.

Note #2 (for sane people!): Okay, you folks are going, Dude, Okay, so you're right, they only show hand-facers, and even though no one in the audience gives a shit about individual fan reactions during the game, they want dramatic effect, and that's how they're doing it. First of all, thanks for being so reasonable instead of just calling me a fag. And I'm glad to see we're mostly on the same page here. Wanna get coffee later? I'll just have a water but you can get whatever. Anyway, my point is, They're making a mockery out of something that's already a mockery. Imagine if you went to a movie where every scene was the dramatic ending. An hour and a half of dramatic endings. You'd already be thinking it's just too much. But then what if all the scenes were the same dramatic ending? Okay maybe that's a horrible example. I'm just saying, if they're trying to do something secretly, but everybody can clearly tell what that secret is, it ruins the whole thing. Which was already a dumb thing to begin with.

Note #3 (for "fans of the game" types): You guys are all, "why don't you talk about the baseball game instead of some stupid thing that has nothing to do with it?" I've got an answer for you: I dunno.

dude have you been to a blockbuster movie lately?
its pretty much an hour and a half of dramatic endings for the entire movie.

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