Monday, October 03, 2011


So the Tigers got their asses kicked in G1, but today in G2 they won 5-3. Glad I didn't watch the end of this one as the Yanks had a 9th-inning comeback, which included the Tigers not catching a pop-up with two outs that could have cost them the game and me an ulcer. Two games in Detroit starting Monday. If they can win G3, they get to face AJ in G4 with a chance to win the series.

It's funny how it works when the Yanks are in the playoffs and we're not playing. Which has happened...let's see...twelve? Twelve goddamn times in the post-'80s era? No wonder I'm so used to this shit. The was it usually goes is: I say I'll ignore them, while hoping with all my mental might that they lose in horrific fashion. If they go ahead in the series, I continue along this path, while still of course getting the results. If they go behind, I start to tune in more often. Then if they're on the brink of elimination, I'm glued to the set. But wait, Jere, isn't this what you make fun of Yankee fans for doing: only paying attention when things are going well? First of all, I know it's you typing that, me, so don't try and pretend a reader is suddenly writing on your own blog. Second of all, it's not like the team playing the Yanks are "my" team (they are 1B, though)--I'm allowed to give up on some random team playing the Yanks but then jump on board again if they start winning. It's not like I'm looking to take credit for a non-Red Sox team winning, and it's not like I stop rooting for them when they're behind, I just want to see the Yanks lose, and I should be allowed to NOT watch them spray Champagne should that occur because fuck them.


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