Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yanks Bottom 9 Live Blog (Updating) (Not Anymore, Fuck This Fucking Fucked UP Shit)

10:46: Two strikes! No I'm not standing, I only do that for Red Sox games. Or maybe teams playing the Yanks. Come on assholes, get this strike and let's never have to root for---holy FUCK! The guy hits a fucking home run. It's fucking tied. Fuck this fucking shit. Fuck everything. What the fucking fuck is fucking fucking fuckin fuckin I am ending this post . ANd that fucker Girardi, didn't he say he's pitch Mo one of the last two nights??? He didn't. Fuck those guys

10:45: Dan Johnson up. This guy beat us with a huge dong that one time. One more out and we control our own destiny....

10:43: Weird, I've got a live blog within other live posts. Here's Mayor Ed Kotchman for Tampa. Groundout! Two away!

10:40: Pieces of shit lead 7-6 after going into the 8th up 7-0. Gotta hold it. Bottom 9, here we go. Tenth pitcher of the game for the Yanks, Cory Wade. Zobrist up. (Our game still in delay.) Fly out! One down.

Ouch. Dude was hitting .119.

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