Thursday, September 29, 2011


Can you imagine--if you'd heard before this night that the Red Sox would be one strike away from winning and the Rays would be one strike away from losing...and that both games would be walk-offs...and even that is nowhere near telling the whole story of tonight. Or September leading up to tonight.

I'm glad I basically live-blogged the whole night because part of the insanity was the timing of it all. So many different things going on. What a mess this turned out to be. This still seems too perfectly scripted to be real.

We have Braves fans to commisserate with, as their collapse was completed tonight, too, with a 13-inning loss. Like I said before, I bet they think THEY had a fucked-up night/month.

This team needs to be blown up. Let Papelbon and Ortiz go. Take the picks.

I'm sure they'll fire Francona which he does not deserve - of anyone, I would blame him least in all of this.
I wouldn't fire Tito. But I've always felt we're lucky enough to have one of the great closers, and "not being able to afford him" is no excuse, so I don't see why we wouldn't try to keep the guy.
I think you let Papelbon go because the pick will be worth something, and I don't think he ages well. He'll want a long term deal and you'll be signing him to huge money in years where you know he's not going to perform to that standard for you.

He's blown leads and lost two straight elimination games now - in similar situations - getting the team down to their last strike and then just completely imploding (tonight and the Angels game in 2009).

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