Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncool Standings

The entire wild card lead has been blown. It was a lead that didn't even matter when it was so big, because we were supposed to win the division, with the WC an automatic boobie prize. Now it's wild card or nothing, two games left, tied.

There was more magic in the air in Baltimore tonight. "Other team" magic. Ellsbury almost makes an amazing catch, instead the ball pops out as he hits the wall, and, despite that he actually tried to catch the ball bare-handed after it left the glove, it lands harmlessly, and the guy goes all the way around. A three-run inside-the-yards dong to break our backs. Earlier, we were up 1-0 and 2-1, and the Rays were down 2-0, and it felt like we were in the playoffs. Now we must continue to sweat.

The Sox have no chance the postseason anyway.
That would be an opinion.

I'm gonna give you another chance here, to say something that I can't get just by listening to any talk show caller who's just repeating the thing the last guy said. I heard about "no chance" a LOT (from 99.9% of people) in 2004.

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