Sunday, September 18, 2011

Top 10

4.5 back with 10 to play after losing 3 of 4 to Tampa. With a doubleheader against Baltimore Monday, we could cut that lead to 3. Then all we have to do is stay even with the Yanks until Friday, when we play them 3 times in New York, where we are 6-0 this year. And there will be our chance to take the division. That's the main goal. If it doesn't happen, then worry about the WC.

The perfect scenario:

We cut it to 3 after Monday, also putting us 3 up on the WC. Tuesday, we win, and Rays beat Yanks, so we're 2 out, Rays 5 out. Wednesday, we win, Rays sweep Yanks. We're .5 out, Rays 3 out. Thursday, Rays beat Yanks. We're tied for first, Rays 2 out.

We then sweep Yanks to go 3 up (now 2 up on 2nd-place Rays), while Rays sweep Jays and go 1 up on WC. Then in our final 3, we take 2 from Baltimore while the Yanks and Rays battle it out for the wild card, with pitching staffs effed up left and right, and the Yanks falling out of it in the final day or two.

So basically we go 9-1 (8-2 will do) including a sweep of the Yanks, and the Rays help us out by sweeping 4 from the Yanks this week. Easy!

I thought you said you didn't take drugs?

This team's cooked...move over '64 Phillies.. No way they hang onto a two game lead with the pieces of crap like Weiland, Lackey, and the Zombie Formerly Known as Tim Wakefield still in the rotation. Not to mention the fact that they basically need the Yanks to bail them out this week.
The Yanks are the ones who are cooked, we just gotta catch 'em.
Weiland getting his ass kicked again. Could be down to a half game lead by tonight.
Oh wait, I forgot that Tampa's off today, so that means the worst case tonight is a one game lead. There's a silver lining!
"I thought you said you didn't take drugs?"

He's definitely smoking something, not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyhow, that scenario is stuff sociopaths are made of.
I seem to have attracted the criminal element. Sorry about that Jere.

It says something about the state of this team's pitching staff these days that I didn't feel comfortable tonight that they would hang onto the lead until Conor Jackson hit the salami.

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