Friday, September 30, 2011

Tigers: Occupy 161st Street

Stay there till you get two wins.

And if you don't get the reference, you're not alone, as the media has been avoiding coverage of Occupy Wall Street. So I guess you'll have to look it up. (And please don't tell me "it's stupid because they don't have a clear message"--that's just what scared people say to try and keep you from supporting it.)

So Kim and I were eating breakfast at a diner--the one where we saw Lou Gorman once--and the owner started talking to us about the Red Sox, and how "there was beer in the clubhouse! And there was no chemistry! And Tito lost control of the players!" Now keep in mind I have avoided all sports radio since Wednesday (and for most of the season), so this was the first I was hearing about this. And the first thing I thought was how any time you lose, people look at the way you act and say that's the cause of the failure. But if you win, and act the exact same way, they'll say that's why you succeeded. Alcohol in the clubhouse? Didn't Kevin Millar have everybody doing shots of Jack Daniels in the 2004 playoffs? Same team, same manager, booze in World Series for first time in 86 years. Do the same thing and lose? YOU'RE FIRED! It's so stupid.

I know the Boston sports media--especially that weasel Pete Abe--is loving the fact that we collapsed. It's gonna be a hell of an offseason for them. They can brainwash you into thinking whatever they want right now. They can run whoever they want out of town. So just remember, when you hear "everybody" saying something, try and think of what your opinion was before you heard it and decide if you wanna stick with it or go with the masses. You don't have to nod and smile when your fucking mailman says "Tito's gotta go" because he heard everybody else saying it. I mean, how many years in a row have your shit-for-brains coworkers told you it's Papi's last season? Three? They say that because they heard someone else say it, not because there's any truth to it at all.

All I'm saying is, there are gonna be more rumors this off-season than there have been in a while. I'll be avoiding all of it. Oh don't worry, I'll know exactly what EEI is saying though--I'll hear it spouted from the mouths of my canine massage therapist, my crawlspace interior designer, and my third-string horticulturalist. Yeah, they know their shit.

Don't the Sox supply the beer? I remember after the Josh Hancock death people asking why MLB clubs provided beer to their players in the clubhouse.
I don't think people are accusing them of smuggling it in, I think they're mad the pitchers were drinking beer on their non-pitching days, and that somehow means there was no order in the clubhouse and that's why we missed the playoffs by one game.

The argument of whether there should be alcohol in there at all is a whole different thing.
good link re: occupy...
Thanks for that. That's what I'm talking about--people seem to have been told to not like this protest from the get-go. It's all anyone seems to be saying about it! It's either don't mention it or criticize it.

It seems like a smaller version of the whole thing where right wingers stand up for the party that's really fighting against them. It's like if you can get someone on one side of an issue right away, they'll stubbornly stick to it even though as time goes by it's clear to see they're on the wrong side.

There's even a thread on Reddit where someone said these people aren't dressed well enough to be taken seriously, and everyone's agreeing! (Someone did have a good response: If you want the people at this protest to "dress nice," GO THERE dressed nice, instead of trying to change the people who are already there.)
This all smells like Lucchino to me. The leaks, the character assasination - everything. When Theo came back, that was one of the things that he mandated had to change. And it hasn't.

I'd bet anybody that Theo is gone this offseason or next.

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