Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terrible Job By Us

You can talk about Bard/Pap coming in early and blowing the game all you want, point is, we should have had many more runs in this game, instead of desperately clinging to a one-run lead.

Like I said, the Yanks were trying, because they shut out the Rays. We get something good out of either result in that series, so we'll take still being 2 up in the WC. Now we're 6 out in the division, though, with 7 to play.

So at this point, we're almost screwed, division-wise, but that doesn't mean I'm not pissed at TC and Don and everybody for not even mentioning the division. They mock us. They just say the Rays lost and here's the wild card scenario and the only good news is that the Yankees won. Well fuck that. They KNOW what the division lead was going into tonight. They KNOW we've got three to play against the Yanks. Hell, they even still worry about the Angels, who were 4.5 back of us--when we were just 5 back of the Yanks going into this game! Fuck these fuckers. And Don Orsillo has become so horrific at announcing, I'm ready to start petitioning for a new guy for next year. I love when he and Remy joke around and stuff, but that's "the only good news" when it comes to Don these days. Anyway, Don even said he thought we went to Bard in the 7th because we saw the Rays were losing. He's telling me that our manager had given up on the division! Yes, it's almost impossible to catch the Yanks AFTER tonight's results, but all these announcer types had thrown in the towel before the game. I need to start muting more.

Tito went to Bard because he seriously wanted to win the game. That is clearly a radical thought, which I do not necessarily expect the Red Sox play-by-play man of 10+ years to understand.
Something happened in that 3rd inning. Bedard was looking sharp, throwing strikes when Salty went to the mound. Looked like Bedard chuckled about something Salty said and 40 or so pitches later, Bedard left.

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