Tuesday, September 06, 2011

STORSTOP Leads Way In Rock Brigade Blowout

Storstop? That's not even close, NESN!

Anyway, we kicked some butt tonight, 14-0, after putting up an all-weather radial yesterday.

Ooh! I interrupt this broadcast to note another commercial that pretends to know baseball but doesn't. It's for lightbulbs, and it's got kids playing a baseball game in the yard. A kid is shown using a tree stump as a pitching rubber. Announcer says "we've somewhat got a pitcher's mound." Okay, fine. Then she says, "home plate is that dirt patch that seems to get bigger as each day of summer goes by." And they show a play at the plate, and on that dirt patch is...a real home plate! The whole point is that you don't have one, so you have to use the dirt patch. These ads need to consult with me.

Moving on, we're now 2 games out. The Yanks are still waiting for the rain to stop, 3.5 hours after the game was supposed to start. [Update 12:19 a.m.: They started. Yanks up 1-0 in the 5th.]

This new NESN show hosted by one of my favorite guys, Michael Showalter, is about to debut. This is not a show I would consider watching if he wasn't hosting it. I don't know if he'll be able to save this one, though. And now I worry people are gonna get to know him as "the guy from that ridiculous local show." He's done so much great stuff. Remember that time I linked to his site? The fake "weekender" ad? And the Michael Showalter Showalter? And The State and Wet Hot American Summer and on and on. [Update 12:20 a.m.: Watched the new show. What's the point of hiring a comedian as a game show host if you're not going to showcase his comic talents? That's all I'm sayin'.]


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