Saturday, September 17, 2011

Still, Still!

So close to a Yankee loss and an us win. But close only counts in horseshoes and lemonade. Instead they win by one and we lose by one.

I don't even know where to start with that Fox coverage. On one fly ball they showed the wrong fielder. Ball caught completely off-screen. In a huge spot. And each announcer capped off his day nicely in the final inning--that Max V. guy acting as if Joey Gathright could have actually gained Dave Roberts status with a stolen base in this game, and McCarver not being sure who the Red Sox played in the 2004 World Series. And I'll leave it at that--sometimes they were saying ridiculous things at a rate I couldn't even keep up with.

Anyway, I believe we're gonna be in the playoffs no problem. And once we are, we've got Beckett and Lester as our 1-2. Suddenly everyone has forgotten that. And think about the Yankee payroll and what kind of dominating team they could have right now, but totally don't. In one of these years with a mega-awesome Yankee squad, I could see people saying that we might as well not even show up (but wouldn't agree with them), but come on, are you believing the Fister hype, while thinking some of our own guys are shit when they have one bad day? Obviously we have to make sure we beat up on the O's and get our asses in there, but at that point, we all start from scratch, and we're not some shitty team.


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