Friday, September 23, 2011

Seattle Weather

The Yankees have already rescheduled tonight's pre-game ceremony. Not a good sign for baseball being played tonight. Forecast shows rain through the whole weekend. Mess probable.

That's okay, it gives me more time to listen to Nevermind Radio, which starts today. All kinds of crazy stuff going on for the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's breakthrough album. There's an interview with Krist and Dave (hosted by Jon Stewart) which airs tomorrow night. Tonight a few channels (check you local listings, tough guy) are showing the Halloween show from 1991, which is also being released on DVD as "Live at the Paramount." And then you've got the 20th anniversary edition of Nevermind, which seems to have 4 discs and which I'll end up spending upwards of 100 bucks on.

We Nirvana fans are in Nirvana nirvana.

I'll never forget buying that cassette in 1991. Trevor Lucas and I went to the record store in the mall and got it for $6.99, with me paying him $3.50, and him (for some reason) getting to keep the original, while I made my own copy, writing out Nirvana in the Nirvana font on one side, and Nevermind in the wavy Nevermind font on the other. Or attempting to, anyway. Talk about "wearing out" a tape. We listened to it on every car ride, the whole time, but more importantly, we never fast forwarded or rewound. That had never happened to me before. Even bands I'd loved before that had clunkers and lots of 'em. This was the first time I loved every single song on an album. So as much as I'd want to hear Breed over and over, or skip right to it, I couldn't, because I'd be missing another song. So we'd just go right through side 1, flip it, side 2, and on and on, all winter long.

Did we ever think that 20 years later there'd be all this fanfare about its anniversary? Absolutely.

[Editing fun: Forgot to add that I just got the DVD of 1991: The Year Punk Broke which I've had on VHS all these years but just went to DVD this month. Great footage of Nirvana/Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr. and more on and off stage. There are a few extras on the DVD, including what amounts to a 40-minute extension of the film.]


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