Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pretty Scary/Turnaround

What a shitty position we've put ourselves in. We're at the point now where we've got an "all hands on deck" game to play on Wednesday, regardless of what happens tonight. And then we could have another one on Thursday. With game one of a playoff series starting the next day if we win! Are we gonna end up with Darnell McDonald on the mound in the ALD fuckin' S?

Regardless of the state of shitocracy, I'm sick of hearing "I don't want them to make the playoffs because they'll lose anyway." By that logic, if you were, say, a Pirates fan, would you say in April that you don't want them to play the season because you don't think they'll make the playoffs anyway? Or is this that "New England" defeatist attitude of "we're just gonna lose" (which somehow doesn't come into play during basketball season when the world's most winningest basketball team takes the floor and wins repeatedly for decades and no one utters the word "puritan").

Anyway, I can remember 2004, with people saying "let's just lose the 4th game, get it over with, don't prolong the inevitable agony" and all that. And you know what happened then. These guys are alive. They sure don't look it, but they are.

Must-win baseball starts now and goes through Halloween. (I'd say "get on board" but if you're a fan who only sometimes roots for your team, why the hell am I talking to you?)

In 2004 we knew we had Pedro and Schilling and anything could happen in game 7. In 2011 we just don't have that guy in the rotation.

As someone who only a few hours ago said we had no chance in the postseason, let me at least clarify that I am of course still rooting for the Sox to win the World Series. I just don't have any confidence whatsoever in the pitching staff. I feel like we'll need to score 10+ runs per game to have success.
Hopefully the Orioles realize they're the Orioles starting tonight, we win the last 2 easily and....

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