Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pre-Game Update

NESN starts out with a shot of Camden Yards--on the scoreboard, you could clearly see the time: 6:10 PM, with seconds ticking next to it. Problem is, it was 6:01. Is Baltimore 9 minute ahead of us? No. Terrible job, NESN, using footage from last night. (Or 2008, for all we know.) [Edit: they also have a cam at the Trop--and that clock showed 12:59! They don't have the "live" tag on the screen, but they're certainly acting like these are live shots. They showed Papi in BP--was that from last night too? What the hell are they doin' over there at NESN?]

Lavarnway still at catcher, with Wicked Lester on the mound. Still no Youk--Aviles at 3rd, and JD is in there. And Buchholz WILL be available. Adrian has an outside shot at the batting title, but he better go 4 for 4 and hope Cabrera has an 0-fer. Not that I give a shit about that right now. Speaking of batting titles, did you hear about Jose Reyes today? Led the NL batting race by a point, bunted for a hit in his first at bat, then left for a pinch-runner. Eff that guy. Not only did he chicken out on the race, but his fans probably would have liked to watch him play one last game, since he might not be on the Mets next year. Instead he leaves the game before the seats are filled.


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