Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Phonebooks: Here. 2012 MLB Schedule Is Out. (With Afternoon Game Updates Below)

The 2012 MLB schedule is out! It wasn't there when I checked last night after midnight, and I don't see a story on, so I'm just gonna go ahead and assume I am breaking this story!

Click here for April, and scroll through the months from there.

We start the season on Thursday, April 5th in Detroit. The home opener is Friday the 13th vs. Jaso and the Devils.

We WILL be at home on April 20th, the 100th anniversary of the first-ever game at Fenway Park, and it WILL be against the Yankees, the opener of a weekend series. You know they did that on purpose. That'll make you people who think schedules should cater to stuff like that happy.

Our May Interleague series will be at Philly. In June we're home against the Nationals, Marlins, and Braves, and we visit the Cubs and Marlins at their new park.

Five of the six Yankee series are July or later, with the last one ending the season, in New York, on October 1-3.

[Update 2:11 p.m.: Jays 2, Sox 0 in the 2nd. Why do they have 2? Because Lackey is pitching.]

[2:26: 2-2 in the 3rd.]

[2:46: 3-2 SOX in the 4th.]

[3:40: Top 6th, tying run on third, infield in, grounder to Pedroia, throws home, Lawrie SLAMS into Tek, who holds the ball for the out. Before the next pitch, Morales picks off the guy at first to end inning. First pitch of bottom 6, Gonzalez goes deep. So it's 4-2 SOX when it could have been 3-3 or worse.]

[4:10: Bard comes in for 8th. Walks the first two fuckin' guys. On the sac bunt, he has plenty of time to get out at first, but rushes, and throws wild. Loaded. Grounder to Youk which he could have gone home with, but bobbles, has to settle for out at first. Run makes it 4-3 us. Next guy singles in two, 5-4 Jays. Fuck. (But rare 4-3-5 DP gets us out of inning. We go bottom 8.)]

[4:36: We go down 1-2-3 in the 8th, 1-2-3 in the 9th. Loss. 4-2 going to the 8th, and we blow it. Terrible. Pissed.]


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