Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live-Blogging The End Of This One

10:44: Ground out. Win. One game left. Tied for the WC. See ya on the other side, Ray. Actually, I'll probably see ya before and during the....thing which..has...a front and back side.

10:43: 3-2 now, still standing.....come ON!

10:37: Adam Jones, 0-2 pitch coming....I'm up...visit to mound on 2-2, I'm typing while standing, it's tough....

10:34: Moving to LB mode, bottom 9, Vlad just got a single off Pap. So it's 1st and 3rd, 1 out. Pap gave up the first hit of the inning on an 0-2 pitch, which makes me want to kill. Okay, some dude up, let's get a DP to end it here. Strike one. Oh, it's Weiters. Wieters. I before e. 1-1 count now. Winning run up. Meaningless run on third. Tying run at first. The pitch... holy fuck--dribbler where we somehow let the run score but get the guy at first. AND CLASSIC ORSILLO--calls the play "NOBODY'S GONNA GET HIM!" and then they GET HIM. I've HAD IT WITH ORSILLO to the point where I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS AND HAVE TO RELEASE THE SHIFT BUTTON TO AVOID APOSTROPHES BEING QUOTE MARKS! I am done with that guy. Two outs. Tying run on second.

Another thing about DO that's irritating is how excited he sounds when the other team has a good play. I personally like a little homerism. I'm disgusted by the other team's good play & I don't want to hear how fucking great it was; that's why I pay extra not to listen to the other team's announcers. Now I have to mute Sox announcers sometimes.
This game was stressful. Good. But stressful. And I'm intensely worried that we won't have Papelbon tomorrow because he pitched so much last night...
Intensely worried.
It's weird. I'm usually irrationally optimistic. I'm just... frazzled.
All hands on deck! All that resting they do all year--it's about time all players are ready to play every single day. They'll have a few months to rest coming up.
As for homerism vs. non-homerism--I'm just glad we don't have announcers who yell things out in a rooting fashion like high school football announcers. Which is what almost ALL mlb announcing has become.

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