Sunday, September 25, 2011

Live-Blogging The End Of Sox-Yanks

11:49: NESN screencaps of the Papi/Ellsbury hug, and...

Awwww, poor Derek.

11:43: Man, I'd been dreading a game-winning hit from Romine's kid since the 7th. Here he his now, 2 outs, down 3. Go ahead, man, hit your dong now, better yet, do it against the Rays, you son-of-a-dude I like! Haha...ground out, we WIN!

11:42: Two down!

11:38: One out. Nice start, Felix.

11:37: Doubie rolls in. Can he close this out?

11:35: Oh! Papi give the kind of hug we ALL would like to give Ellsbury right now. None of this macho hug shit, a real "let me just hold you" kinda thing. Woohoo!!! Okay, inning over. THREE OUTS RIGHT NOW and let's get a step closer to October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:34: Jacoby ---DONGGGGG!!!!! Dancing around room! First time in ages! Oh my fuck! Three-run job with 2 outs in 14th...!!!!!!!!!

11:32: Pretty deep fly out to center by Salty. I thought maybe Darnell could go second-to-home...nope, just third.

11:30: Ball four! A run seems plausible! Salty up with 1st and 2nd, one out.

11:29: Scutaro up. Long-ass at bat... full count....

11:25: Assman in, Darnell up, hitting for JD. Base hit! Okay, come on, win this!

11:23: I've been sitting here for 5 long hours watching this one. We're in the top of the 14th, one out. Tied at 4. Great job by Pap earlier, going 2 and 2/3, despite Don saying it was 1 and 2/3. Morales threw a lot of pitches too, leaving men on second and third in the 13th.

Great job by Pap earlier, going 2 and 2/3, despite Don saying it was 1 and 2/3

Actually, it was 2.1 ... Game of the year!!! So far.
(CI's not developing Gerbil cheeks, is he?)

Yeah, 2.1, Don said 1.1. The key is he went into the 3rd inning, Don sold him an inning short, while I bought him a third long...

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