Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Little NESN Ranting While We Wait

"Rays had a triple play in their game!" Remy says in the 9th inning, meaning he just found out (and doesn't realize it was the KEY TO THE WHOLE GAME AND RED SOX SEASON)! Jesus fuckin' Christ, guys, wake the fuck up. NESN is just god-awful this year and getting worse by the second. Don thinks every fly ball is a home run, for both teams, and that every ball foul down the line is fair, even when we can see the batter didn't even start to run. And he calls the end of plays before they're over repeatedly, risking mega-mistakes. Remy sleeps though innings sometimes. And I've told you all about their camera issues. This series they've been going with the "show the outfield grass" method on every fly ball/liner into the outfield. I know I've killed them for showing the sky--but now they're just showing the ground, so that the fielders are at the top edge of the screen, and we can't tell when or where the ball is coming down, on line drives. On top of that, they leave that score box on the screen, so sometimes I'm left wondering if the ball is behind it.

Anyway, I wrote all this while the O's have been batting in the 9th. Tying run up, no outs. 8-6 us.


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