Thursday, September 22, 2011

June 21st, 1987

I had forgotten all about this. I would get in the local paper in the Little League write-ups, but getting your picture in the paper was a huge deal. Not sure if I ever made it in on an action shot, but I noticed this picture of my whole team, as its former coach was recognized. And there I am--at far right, in the "let's get on with this" pose.

Since none of us players made it into the caption, I've done it below. (Not sure about the Mullins, and I don't know who's next to him, though it could be Brent Ryan or Jason Mattausch, but the rest I'm positive on.)

This ran in the Ridgefield Press, June 25th, 1987. I am assuming the pic is from the previous Sunday, the 21st. And now I'll actually type out the names, in case any of these guys is Googling his own name: Andy Christ, Peter Heisenbuttel, Pete Williams, Doug Jarrow, Andy Jonic, Dan Mullins.


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