Monday, September 05, 2011

Go Screw, Life

If the Orioles are gonna score 10 against the Yanks, they really should go ahead and win the goddamn game. (Then again, Mo's strike zone is wider than Michael Kay's Yankee Pleasure Orifice, so even when he's not sharp, it's still hard to do anything--they ended up leaving runners at second and third, losing 11-10.)

But we had a chance to keep pace, locked in a 0-0 game in extra innings. Beckett left early--he suddenly couldn't put weight on the right foot, then popped [something] back into place, but they still have to take him out. Team MVP Aceves threw some innings, and Bard and Pap also didn't allow any runs. But with 2 outs in the 11th, Wheeler gave up a large dong--1-0 loss.

We left 2 men on base in several innings. And one time, Scutaro couldn't stay in a rundown long enough to get Ellsbury to second--they threw him out for a DP. Who knows, that could have been the inning we scored in.

Anyway, this blows donks. We're 2.5 out. Fuck.


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