Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crystal-Ass Ball

Future post--November, 2011:

I think the key to this world championship season was when we let the Rays briefly back into the race. The team wasn't motivated, being told they're in already, and nothing they do matters. The wild card always ruins everything. Either you're playing meaningless games or you're desperately trying to hold on. (Or if you are the team who's second in the wild card, but you were supposed to have 100 wins, you're still mad at yourself for underachieving and everybody's pissed at you.) So there's no great position to be in. That last homestand was going to involve people not being able to give away their tickets regardless.

However, the one thing that could have made that homestand exciting (a division race is exciting, but, again, everyone just say how it doesn't matter, as long as you're in the playoffs) was nearly blowing the wild card to the team coming in for the last series. Suddenly the fans had something to be excited about, and the team got a chance to A. know what it's like to be in must-win situations and B. got a taste of October-style baseball at Fenway.

And because of that, we went on to put the Rays away, storm on to take the division, and sweep right through the playoffs, with some random fan named Jere inexplicably called in to be a good luck charm and sit in the dugout with 4 of his closest friends for the entire postseason.

Gotta admit it's plausible! Good job by Beckett, Aceves, Bard, and Pap tonight. Aviles almost put one through the Sports Authority sign, too! Yanks lost in a walk-off in Toronto, so we close to 3.5 back, and are 4 up in the Fields.


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