Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Contining To Live Through Hellish History

What is this? What am I doing? I see the Braves are in the 13th--they probably think their situation is fucked up, wait till they see what we're dealing with.

We just had a runner thrown out at home. We're going to the bottom of the 8th, still up 3-2. And it's just killing me because we should be happy--pressure on us but knowing we've clinched at least a play-in game. It was SEVEN TO NOTHING! Instead we still sweat immensely knowing that not only have we not clinched that, but that we might have fucking nothing! But Damon strikes out to end the bottom of the 10th with a man on. Whew. And Bard gets Markakis to start the 8th. The fuck-coaster rolls on......

(And by the way, the ESPN "announcers" are calling the game solely from the Rays perspective. I understand they're the team playing for something, but you don't have to act like you're a Rays fan giving updates to your pals, just call the damn game.)


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