Wednesday, September 07, 2011


We had a 3-0 lead. We blew that, but then took an 8-5 lead. But we gave up 5 in the 8th, spoiling another shot at 200 for Wake, but more importantly, a chance to move to 1.5 back. Bard had nothing. Walked the ballpark. And hit a guy. I feel like when he kept doing the fake to third throw to first move, he was telling Tito to get someone else in the game. He finally put in Pap, and...wait, that's not Pap, it's Albers. And Albers gives up a three-run double to make it 11-8. Adrian donged in the 9th, then we scored another run, but Aviles, as a pinch runner, got thrown out stealing with Reddick up to end the fuckin' game. God emmereffing damn it.

I knew 8 runs wasn't gonna be enough tonight.
Bard bears most of the blame tonight, but it's not like Wake pitched well enough to deserve a win. Sox should just give him the gold watch already and tell him there's no shame in retiring with 199 career W's.

And more importantly, now only 7 games up on the Devil Dogs going into a huge weekend series in Tampa with freaking Lackey on the mound. Better not have to sweat out the wild card race.
I'm not comfortable with 7 games over the Devils. The pitching has been pukey and now Beckett is out for a little while.

As for Wake... Fuck'im. Back in 1998 he spurned me while seeking an autograph. The bullpen blowing multiple chances at #200 is his payback.
If a 7-game lead worries you, you must be ecstatic we're only TWO and a half back of the Yanks!

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