Friday, September 16, 2011

Big Day (For Those Of Us Who Haven't Given Up)

[Update, 2:05: As I thought, it was easy getting through. I was in right at 2:00. Got infield grandstands for $60, really good spot, save for the pole I'll be behind. But I can lean, it's okay. Now please call 888 REDSOX6 before the assholes who buy just so they can mark them up on shitty scalper sites get all the tickets!]

2:00, get ready to call in for ALDS tix if you didn't win the lottery.

I remember last year being pissed because at this point, they hadn't told me as a 10-game plan holder which ALDS game I'd be able to purchase. Therefore, I didn't know which one to go for through the phone sale and/or lottery.

This year I checked my account (they have not sent me an e-mail or letter about this yet--glad I checked), and I see I already have ALDS tix waiting for me to buy*, so now I know to grab a different game by phone today.

*My 10-game plan seats are in the bleachers, and every year they give me a chance to buy two seats to a playoff game as part of the plan. What stinks is that since there are only a certain number of seats, I'm always pushed to the RF grandstand--worse seats** at a higher price ($60 vs. $40 for ALDS). This year I'm the farthest from my real seats as I've ever been, all the way in section 8. So maybe I'm moving up on the list, in terms of tenure--I've had the plan since its inception before the 2004 season--getting farther and farther down the first line, yet, ironically, the seats are getting worse and worse. Whatever, at least I'll be at a playoff game.

**The fact that they're under cover is the only thing better about them than bleacher seats, and I still have to assume that's why they charge you more for a seat in the RF corner that faces the bullpen than for a seat in right field that is closer to home plate and actually faces it.

Their online system for 10-game/other season ticketholders is pretty bad with this stuff, they never seem to update the messages--for example, the link to buy the ALDS tickets said I'd be "renewing my plan" and then my confirmation e-mail thanked me for renewing the plan. Like, they figured the only thing we'd have to pay for is the plan itself so they only need that one message--they forget we buy playoff tickets through the same system.

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