Saturday, September 03, 2011

Asses K'd

As in kicked, not struck out. Though we were struck out a few times while scoring zero runs on two goddamn hits in a 10-0 Chicagoing at the hands of the Execution Staters.

I had seen the highlight of Gardner hitting a homer into the front row by the Little League fence to tie the Yanks' game. They added one more, and that was it--we fall to second place.

When checking's wrap of their game, I saw this as the first line of the article:

Ivan Nova improved to 16-0 lifetime when the Yanks get him a lead to work with

Wow! Is that the most Yankified stat of all time or what? You might as well say "when this guy doesn't lose, he's undefeated!" It's kind of like how every year Michael Kay will say how if you just take away one bad month, Jeter's your AL MVP.

I looked at a few of Nova's games. One time, the Yanks got him a lead, he blew it, then was pulled from the game with the other team winning. Later, the Yanks tied it, before losing in extra innings. So he blew the lead he was given, the team lost the game, but he didn't take the loss! Unde-fucking-feated, and again the Yankees have saved the world.

Another time he gave up two runs in the first, the offense came back to tie it, and then he gave up the game-winning run and took the loss. But his team was never ahead (thanks to his pitching), so in the completely made-up stat no one's ever used before, he remains undefeated.

4:10 game tomorrow will be played for Fox' sake. Stockton and McCarver. Won't that be fun....


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