Sunday, September 25, 2011

As If Things Aren't Bad Enough

I gotta see JD Drew tonight???

I can't stand him. Seriously, leave it to JD Drew to do everything right UNTIL it's important, at which time he will fuck everything up.
Yeah, I really hated it when he drove in that run to start the Sox' comeback in the nightcap. I would have much preferred to watch Reddick play some more horrible outfield defense.
No, no, we're finally at the point where the Drew-defenders are the crazy ones and I'm sane. Right?
Nope. Drew was having a really shitty season before he got hurt, and I certainly don't want him back on the team next season, since he looks pretty much done, but at least he can say that he bears zero responsibility for this historic September shitshow collapse. Unlike, for example, the Zombie Formerly Known as Tim Wakefield, who serves up batting practice meatballs every five days, and who should have retired a couple years ago. Hopefully yesterday was HIS final game in a Sox uniform. And, of course, about two dozen other guys on this roster.

In the end, Drew gave us a super-clutch ALCS salami in a championship season, two great seasons, an All-Star Game MVP, two average seasons, and one shitty half-season. In other words, a helluva lot more than we would have gotten from re-signing Trot. And, sadly, a helluva lot more than we'll probably ever get from Crawford, for far less money.

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