Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And Then The Rains Came Or Whatever

Another squander for us--Papi with a ball to the wall in center. At this point I'm always pretty much asking the guy to hold at first. But he tries for two and is gunned down. Runner goes to third, but it's 2 outs. After another int. walk to AG, Lavarnway ends the inning.

Then Aceves was coming in for the bottom of the 7th, when the tarp came out. Rain delay.

Rays still have yet to score. Down 7-0 in the 7th. So their game is probably going to end before ours. And it'll be "just us" as that little girl in Mrs. Doubtfire said, trying to hold a 1-run lead to make the playoffs.

Lets all sign into the NESN iphone app to see what *really* happens during a rain delay, according to Heidi Watney.
Yeah what the hell's she doing in that ad, filming herself in a mirror or something?
Yeah, she's filming herself with a pink iphone...I suppose implying that that NESN app is a direct link to Heidi's phone

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