Monday, September 19, 2011

Afternoon Action (Updatin')

3:56. Booooo. 1-2-3 9th, we lose game 1.

3:54: Two VERY quick outs, we're down to our last out with Jacoby....

3:51: Sox down 6-5 going bottom 9, looking to pull off the International Talk Like a Pirate Day Miracle....

3:15: 6-5 Orioles after 7. The Twins class-A team is squandering left and right against the Yanks, trail 5-4 after 5.

2:44: AG double and Pedroia triple each knock in a run, with two outs in 5th. 6-4 Orioles after 5. (Papi hit ball right down line after that which hit wall right by Pesky Pole, ruled foul. With NESN's ONE angle of it, I really couldn't tell if it hit right or left of line (despite Remy inSISting he's seeing it hit on the fair side). With no shadow of the ball, I can't see where it's hitting. Granted, it should change direction, but from the RF cam, you don't see a direction change (though Remy says you did).)

2:22: We get one back on a Salty triple, they immediately retaliate with another dong. 6-2 O's in the 5th. Yanks up 5-1 in 4th.

2:00: We're down 5-1. What a crazy third inning for Darnell. He was inserted into the lineup just before the game, and is out in the sun field, which is left/center at this hour. After Weiland had retired every batter to that point, there's a lazy fly to left. Darnell shields his eyes, and seemingly watches it into the glove, but it hits the glove and falls to the ground. Next guy hits a liner to Darnell's left--he runs over, and again, doink, off the glove. Second and third. Then, a third consecutive fly to left. He goes back to the wall and leaps, but it's just out of his reach. I feel like if he'd gotten back there sooner and was able to leap off both feet instead of off of one foot on the run, he may have gotten the height to catch it. But, it's a 2-run double, and suddenly Weiland was down 2-0 without doing much wrong.

Then in bottom 3, Darnell leads off...and hits a dong! Unfortunately, in top 4, Kyle gave up a 2-run dong and then a solo, so it's 5-1 O's in the 4th. Yanks up 3-0 early. What a shitty, shitty day so far.


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