Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4th Inning Update: Lavar(nway) Can Go Twice As High!

Lavarnway 3-run dong in his first start! Huge! (Terrible job by Crawford not getting the run home from third with 1 out after that, though.) We lead 5-1, mid 4th. Great job by all those Sox fans down there.

And when Russell Martin said he hated the Sox, I said good for him. No, not thesarcastic kind, the regular. I hate the Yanks and I want them to hate us back. That's how it should be, so it was good to hear a guy in the rivalry actually say it. Do I think he's any less of a douche and do I want him to get horribly injured any LESS because of it? Of course not. Anyway, the point is, he had said "anything to keep the Red Sox out" and at the time, I said, "What's he gonna do, not try against the Rays? He'll have a decision to make." Tonight, he went against his "anything to keep the Sox out" rule, with a homer in Tampa. Yanks trail, though, 2-1 in the 4th.

And look at this--2-run dong by Weiters. What did I tell you about the Crawford play. It SHOULD have been 6-1, instead it was 5-1, and now it's 5-3.


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