Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Days Until The Battle For The Division

We've got two games left before the series in NY, while the Yanks have four. We're five out, so, best case scenario, we're 2 out going into 3 vs. NY. If we win these next two, and the Yanks split, we're 4 back going into those 3. Very realistic.

The media (who have told you to forget the division and root for the Yanks) are wondering if New York is "trying." Uh...like I said above, if they lay down for the Rays, they're two Sox wins over the Orioles away from being up 2 with 6 to play, 3 of those against us. If they want to win the division, they have to, ya know, TRY! They're also 7 up on the Rays with 7 games left against them--they're trying!

So why be all upset if they were for some reason to stop trying? That's what will keep us alive.

Anyway, if the Yanks end up beating up on the Rays, well, hey, that should put us in the playoffs that way. In other words, beat the O's these next two nights, and sit back and relax, knowing we'll either be just about locked in for the playoffs, or alive for the division.

Edit: I made this easier to understand:

If we beat the Orioles these next two nights, we're in great shape:

If the Yanks get swept in 4, we go into NY down 2 with 3 to play against them, 6 total games left. (Up 1 game in WC.)

If the Yanks/Rays split, we're 4 back going into those 3--we'd almost need to sweep the Yanks to have a shot at the division, but we haven't lost there this season yet. And we'd be 3 up on the WC with 6 to play.

If the Yanks sweep 4, we're 5 up on the WC with 6 to play, all but clinching a playoff berth.


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