Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Went to Fenway tonight for Timmy's 200th win. I'll post the full gallery tomorrow. Here he is with some Champagne in the air.

In the meantime, we stay 4 back of the Yanks and move to 4 up on Tamper. Unfortunately, Mo got his 600th save tonight. Of all the fuckin' days. I saw the end on MLBN, who of course were showing YES coverage. Michael Kay was at his puke-worthiest (barring the un-out-pukable Jeter 3000 travesty), even saying that "both teams are on the top step leaning in to watch history being made." I swear he said that. It was 3-2! The Mariners were on the top step because they were trying to win the game! The guy is delusional. What an embarrassment. It got more nauseating from there--the final out was Ichiro thrown out stealing. Kay says how fitting it is that Jeter caught the final out. Well it was fitting, but only because Mo got his milestone save on a bad call by the umps, sold by that cheater Jeter.

Jesus I can't believe this. The MLBN Yankee-loving host gave 30 seconds to Wake, then said, "but the headline tonight is Mo" and then all three of 'em actually clapped. We need a plane crash to take out the whole damn Yankee organization. Just take 'em all out. But then they'd probably be rewarded with every World Series from now till the end of time. I mean I really can't believe this shit. I get home after seeing Wake get 200 after all this time, and Mo comes in and gets two outs (one was Wily Mo Fuckin' Pena, who any one of us could strike out) and a phony caught stealing call and gets all the attention.

Oh god now a new show is starting on MLBN and it starts with a fuckin' montage of Mo's career. Oh my god! Now this different MLBN host is also noting how both teams were on the top step! What the fuck?! As if the other team was there only as spectators to watch the Best Moment In History. Now he says it's "apropos" that Jeter handed him the ball after the last out! What the fucking fuck does that mean? Oh right, because he should be given the ball directly from god. What was I thinking?


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