Sunday, September 04, 2011

1.5 Back

Lackey was allllmost not that bad. Kinda. He left down 3-0 with the bases loaded. Doubront came in, and soon all those guys had scored and more. A 7-run inning and we went down 9-0. We cut it to 9-4 in the 8th, but that was it. They tacked on two dongs in the 9th. Napoli, who has homered in an inordinate amount of games against the Red Sox, hit one off the back wall in straight away center. Look where this ball hit:

That's the moment it made contact with the wall. That's a little left of dead center, about 385. But add to that it hit over 30 feet up on the wall which is several feet behind the CF wall. My measurements show the base of the 40-foot wall at that point at around 413 feet. So my final estimate is 433 feet. We'll see. 11-4 final, and we're 1.5 out.

As for the "sign day" thing: As I knew, the old logo won out easily. I was keeping the tally in my head so it's not exact, plus I could have missed some, but by my count it was old log 13, new logo 2. And one of the new logos was in a wide shot of several signs, peaking out from behind another sign. They narrowed it down to three finalists, and two of the three used "Circle Sox," both old. And one of the olds won. So utterly disappointing.

Maybe it's the team's fault. Maybe they don't use Circle Sox enough. Maybe the fact that they made the "Hanging Sox" the primary really screwed Circle Sox, because with less visibility, less people notice the change. Bruins fans picked up on their logo tweak, right? That was maybe a year before our tweak, I think. I know how to spot the current Bruins logo compared to the previous one, and I don't even watch or care about hockey. Eh, I think I'll just forget about this whole thing. Just kidding! I shall fight to the death.

Never did check that homer's distance till now. It was 446.

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