Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yanks Lose. To Us.

That 6th inning was pretty crazy. How often do you see a right fielder and a left fielder let a ball go past them all the way to the wall in one inning at Fenway. With the Yanks down 4-2 (Beckett had been cruising up to that inning) and with two guys on, Chavez hits one right down the right field line. It's rolling toward the hockey boards there. Reddick plays it safe--makes sure it doesn't hop out toward him, sees it's staying along the wall--and even goes all the way down to the ground to make sure he stops the ball from going past. And it still goes past! Three bases, and we're tied. Then a sac fly and suddenly we're losing 5-4.

But incredibly, the left field version of the same play comes back to haunt the Yanks! Tek with a weird swing grounds one right down the line. It's rolling on the ground, but just before it reaches the point where the boxes jut outTM, it bounces up in the air, goes on top of the fence, and continues down the lieft field line to the wall. Gardner had made the right assumption, that it would hit the wall and go out behind short. Had it not hopped up in the air off a rock or something, he would have been right. Instead, it goes down the line and it's too late for him to recover and get over there. Tying run scores.

Then a huge dong for Ellsbury--they say it's the first opposite field homer of his career, an "opposite johnson" as Eck called it--off of Logan made it 7-5, and a Tek blast to the pen made it 9-5. We're one and a half up with 27 left.

Also, great job by the fans on that third base side--they let Tek's ball go down the line. Had they touched it, it may have even been a legal thing to do, since the ball was right above the fence edge, but whether it was called a fan-interference double or a grounds rule double, the runner wouldn't have scored from first. On a later play, they also refrained from reaching out. They were my dream front row--almost like a security force, locking arms holding everybody back so no arms sneak out and screw us.

I've got two more things to say about this game, both in the pet peeve department (one "old logo," one "the media is stupid"), but I'll save those for tomorrow.

Best part of the game is tek's homerun. Seriously, everyone seems to think he's washed up and it's over, but I love him, and I still think he's great, even if he's "old".
Tek'll always give us everything he's got. And he does have some left!

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