Friday, August 05, 2011

August 5th In Red Sox Vs. Yankees History

We're 3-5 against the Pinstriped Penises on August 5th (Spike and Tabitha's birthday) all-time, 2-3 at home.

The first games came in a doubleheader in the first year of the AL, 1901, with Boston taking on the team that would become the Yanks, the Baltimore Orioles, in an important battle for second place. The Baltimore American from the next day has a detailed write-up of both games. It's fun to read the references of the time, like Santos Dumont's flying machine, the "pitching gun" of Professor Hinton, and old-timey pitcher Al Maul. (It being the Baltimore paper, there were also references to crabsoup parties and crabnets.) There was a fight that day when the Orioles' first baseman punched the umpire in the face. Both men were taken away and arrested. A further description of it appeared in a separate article. Anyway, Cy Young was dminant in game one, but the O's took game two 9-0.

The most recent August 5th "affair" was 1974, when Rudy May shut out Bill Lee and the Sox 8-0 at Shea Stadium. It was Lee's first loss to the Yanks in nine decisions.

Yanks @ Sox, tonight. Colon/Lester.

In a similar spirit to 1901 baseball, when you had a lot more fans just running out onto the field whenever they felt like it, check out this video of NBA star Kevin Durant scoring 66 points in a game at Harlem's Rucker Park playground. Start at around the 4:00 mark and watch as he drains his 4th three-pointer in a row, causing the crowd to be unable to contain themselves at 4:25. The NBA should be more like this!

damn that was great! funny that a celtics blog i check out posted that video but i didnt bother to watch it til it showed up here and you made your case for its awesomeness.
Ha, glad I could sell it on ya

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