Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Walk Off Wins-day

Another good job by Pap in a tie game, and another walk-off hit for Ellsbury, this time a 2-out dong in the bottom of the ninth to break the 2-2 tie. I love it.

Yanks lead 18-7 so we're most likely still one game up. Each team has one game left before we meet at Fenway for a 3-game weekend set.

3-3 tie broken for 4-3 win. Not 2-2. Thanks, Allan.

That score is nowhere near the crazy 32-20 extra innings loss we had to the A's in the dream I had last night.
Jere, I had to watch a Fox Sports channel for the games against KC last week because of blackout rules and they had the same centerfield camera angle as NESN. To fill in some of that wide shot space that you've written about, they have the strike zone box on the right hand side on EVERY pitch. It was great. You see exactly how the ump was calling strikes & balls the entire game. At least it filled up that space with something worthwhile.
ESPN has done that a few times. I kind of thought it was annoying, but they had the GOOD camera angle. I could see it being a good thing to fill up the space on shit-cam, like you said, though.

Also, I guess this means the Royals just used the NESN feed for that one cam, at least, instead of bringing their own cam.

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