Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Two And A Half

Bedard wasn't all that great, but then again he'd throw strike after strike that would be called balls. But we win 4-3, with nice, quick work from Bard and Pap. Ortiz' swinging bunt was the game-winner. Darnell's earlier massive dong tied it at 2.

Fun ending in the Bronx. Yanks went down 4-1 but tied it up late. They go to Mo for the top of the ninth in a 4-4 game. After getting two outs, he gives up a 2-run dong to Abreu. 6-4 Angels. Bottom 9, Yanks get the tying runs on, and the Angels just miss turning a game-ending DP because the guy couldn't get the ball out of his glove. So it's 1st and 3rd, 2 out, Tex up. Pitcher does the fake-to-third, look-to-first move. Yanks fans boo because god forbid you waste their precious time with your spurious maneuvers. Then the guy does it again...and it works! Granderson picked off first, and the GAME IS OVER. Beautiful.

2.5 up!

lol at "massive dong"
Bedard was better than you're giving him credit for last night. He was getting ridiculously squeezed by the ump in the first inning, particularly on the run-scoring walk to Delmon Young (even the Twins announcers said as much, and then settled down very nicely and found his curveball. It was only one game, but I found it very encouraging. As I said a couple weeks ago, my biggest concern for October with Buchholz very likely not available was having a reliable #3 starter; so far Bedard looks like he can deliver in that role. Be nice to have one more dependable bullpen arm too.
It was just a throwaway line, Bedard's fine.
I went to look at Brooks f/x data after the game. Bedard was forced to get 6 outs in the first inning: the strikeouts he should have gotten on a single and two walks, and the 3 outs he did get. FU, Tim McClelland!

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